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Our popular and widely recognised quality management and service improvement programme called The Woodford Way is our way of ensuring that our clients and TEAM are always certain of a great service, and fair and stimulating working conditions.

The backbone of The Woodford Way is our dedicated customer satisfaction programme. Our senior managers hold dedicated interviews with our clients before, during and after the project to ensure that we fully understand their priorities. We check and monitor our service to ensure that we are delivering as promised and where possible, are going above and beyond client expectations.

"The Woodford Heating and Energy three stage customer satisfaction programme is a great system through which they are able to identify and act upon areas for improvement. Undertaking an interview at the start of a new project means issues can be recognised and ironed out as the work develops - something I've witnessed personally having worked with Woodford Heating on numerous projects. This helps the smooth running of the job and helps us to strengthen the good working relationship we have with them."

- Barratt London