1. If all or parts of the premises have been shut down for a long period and disconnected from the mains supply, then the Emergency Lighting Systems (and Fire Alarms) could have fully discharged and will not provide the required autonomy if required in an emergency. We recommended that these systems should be thoroughly tested to confirm compliance.

2. If your workspace has been empty and the monthly tests has not been conducted, then the system logbook should be updated noting this so that the gaps can be accounted for, if audited.

3. Consideration should be given that upcoming preventative maintenance visits could be brought forward, or an additional visit is organised to conduct these tests.

At a time when we need to protect our people even more so than before, these are important issues that need addressing for the safe return of your teams.

Please get in contact if you would like a consultation visit – we are here for you and will support the return to work to the best of our ability.