Due to Brexit, more and more companies are storing materials and supplies in warehouses within the UK – the question is, are they keeping their staff safe and having their racking inspected in the process?
Pallet racking inspections ensure employee’s safety and keeps the productivity of the warehouses high.
Busy warehouses can be extremely demanding and due to this, the racking can experience some wear and tear. Regular checks will ensure that incidents are avoided and employee’s remain working in a safe environment. Under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER), pallet racking is seen as work equipment and is subject to inspection. As part of your risk assessment, this should happen once a year at a minimum. The SEMA approved racking inspector will look at each element and mark them on a traffic light system stating the risk level from Red, high risk to Amber, medium risk and Green, low risk. Woodford FM can work with you to make sure your warehouses are safe, please contact 0208 498 2072.