James and Dean are enjoying a continued spell of smooth delivery at South Kilburn for Telford Homes. As we toured the site yesterday morning, we were able to see the whole project from the energy centre, distribution through to flat fit out, HIUs, bathrooms, kitchens and MVHR units all in testing & commissioning stage.
“We continue to work well with the client on this project and have been able to deliver a high quality of work in all aspects.” Says James – Project Manager. “We are also collaborating with all other sub-contractors as the mechanical aspect is evident in all stages of the project. We have to co-ordinate on timings, stages of progress and access. It’s coming together very well and we are super confident that we will achieve an outstanding result.”
“We have been focused on price work here.” Says Dean – Site Manager “It has worked well for both speed of delivery and quality. Our snagging figure is very low and we don’t scrimp on the quality of our install either. We want this project to last and for our team to really shine on site. We don’t want our FM team calling us back on site for anything once we are gone as it’s on to the next project for us! Our plumbers and engineers here work hard to deliver above and beyond our client’s expectations.”
Telford Homes are a long-term client of ours and we are working together to ensure we keep it this way. The quality of workmanship and installation by the engineers and plumbers is excellent. No short-term fixes, no short cuts. We have the long term in mind when we deliver schemes like this one and our client appreciates the hard work and effort that goes into it.